Unleashing the Losi DBXLE 2.0 for the first time!

Posted by Yianni Hilas on 9th May 2021

Unleashing the Losi DBXLE 2.0 for the first time!

At DGI we had the opportunity to test the DBXLE 2.0. This was done to compare the brand new 1:5 scale electric buggy to the Losi DBXL gas buggy. I sat down with DGI Founder immediately following the test drive to get his initial thoughts regarding the new buggy. Not only did he compare and contrast the two, but also gave his insight to how DGI can help. So before you make the decision to buy a Losi DBXL or a DBXLE 2.0, take a look at how the two compare!

Q: What were your initial thoughts looking at the DBXLE 2.0 for the first time?

A: “The LED and wing are a plus cosmetically. It only takes two pins to remove the body. Previous models needed 4-8 clips to remove. Assembly of steering differs from other models. Compared to previous models, the steering assembly extends out so the turnbuckles mount on the outside of the bracket. Seems like it will be a time saver. Another plus is that it is designed to have 2 servos. It comes with one but keeps the option open for a second. The DBXLE 2.0 has 2 steering brackets from the servo not 1. Servo horn is also metal Front and rear tower is made of metal. Middle diff is all metal.”

Negative: Battery straps too long, Suspension too soft

Rating prior to driving (1-10): 9

Q: Thoughts when starting the first run?

A: "Brake response needs adjustment (too slow). The car handles well given it is fully stock. It is definitely a balanced car. As far as a beginner car, I feel it is perfect. Not too fast, not too hard to control."

Rating of driver experience (1-10): 7

Q: If you were asked to make one change to the car what would it be?

A: Locking the rear diff. 

Why? "It will allow for better cornering. Personally enjoy drifting so it would make my experience better. Would lock middle and rear diff"

Q:What does DGI plan to do to make the DBXLE 2.0 better?

A1: Aluminum outer diff case is a must.

Why? "Due to high friction and heat, the plastic diff cases around the bearings begin to get soft and it causes a failure to hold bearings and center axle in place."

A2: Adjustable steering brackets.

Why? "Due to the manufacturers set length bracket, you cannot make adjustments to the existing brackets. For serious bashers this is a must."

A3: "Turnbuckles. Front, steering,rear upper arms. This will give the car more durability. The first part to go is usually the steering buckle."

A4: "Front chassi brace and rear chassi brace. This will make for a better chassi. It also increases handling, durability. This makes for smoother landings."

A5: Extenders. 

Why? "Increasing the overall wheelbase of the car, makes it more stable. 1’ or 2’, or mix and match the two to fit your desired look/feel."

A6: Stronger springs.

Why? "The springs are way too soft. This will allow for better handling and more stability, especially when driving on difficult terrains."  

Q: How does the DBXLE 2.0 compare to the DBXL buggy ?

A: "It really comes down to personal preference. Gas powered cars allow for more tuning. I'd recommend the electric to someone in more beginning stages of the hobby. This is definitely a good starting point for someone who is really trying to get into the hobby. I personally enjoy the gas powered buggies but I definitely think the electrics are fun to drive."

After driving the DBXLE 2.0, the conclusion was that this is a perfect buggy for someone just starting their journey into RC. This is a well balanced buggy that can be great for someone to learn on. As far as enhancements go, I feel it is still too early to really say. I would recommend this buggy to someone who wants a well made and easy to maintain buggy. For someone looking to build their own buggy, who is also moderately familiar with parts, I’d recommend the DBXL gas powered buggy. Here at DGI, we are constantly looking to improve our products and maximize driver experience. So be on the lookout for everything DGI!