DGI 2 Speed Helical Gear For BAJA

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DGI RACING 2 Speed Helical Gear For BAJA 

Fits 5B 5T 5SC

Two-Speed Helical Gear has very good smooth and stabilize .gears use 45 stell+H ,

Gear carrier use Alloy 6061-T6.

First gear is 16/55. second gear is 20/51.

One year warranty one the one way bearing



Advantages of helical gears




 1) Noise Reduction


The first benefit of a helical gear train is that the teeth of the gear engage in small increments as opposed to the entire face engaging at once. This reduces the noise that is normally caused as gears transfer power.

2) Strength Output

The final advantage that helical gears provide over spur gears is the strength output. Helical gears can handle more load than spur gears because the helical gear tooth is diagonally positioned and therefore effectively larger. For same tooth size and equivalent width, helical gears will provide superior strength.


 3) Smoother gear operation 

 The angled teeth work more gradually, allowing for smoother and more silent gear operation when compared to spur gears or toothed wheels.